Petroleum Survey Basrah Oil Terminal BOT

We bring you the international standard combined with strong local knowledge and years of experience. Quantity and quality inspection for Crude Oil in Basrah Oil Terminal, KAA and KAZ for petroleum products including, ship to ship, shore to ship & vice versa operations.

Draught Surveys

Qualified stuff we have in our company, who have the training, the experience, and most importantly, the attention to detail that is paramount in carrying out the draught survey. Our personnel have the local knowledge of the terminals, the seasonal knowledge of the berths and the experience of carrying out draught surveys on behalf of bulk shippers the berths and the experience of carrying out draught surveys on behalf of bulk shippers

Hold inspection

Verifying the hold is suitable and can receive the intended cargo is that the surveyors will do. We will check for cleanliness, dryness and ventilation, and that there is provision for cargo separation. Inspection will also verify that remnants from other shipments will not affect your load.

Condition survey

We are expert in ship condition survey & Evaluation as professional surveyors and consultants. We conduct pre-purchase surveys for our clients with confidence and full assurance.

On/Off Hire Bunker Survey

We carry out detailed On-hire / Off-hire vessel condition survey with all relevant details and condition of the vessel at the time of On-hiring or Off-hiring, on the request of owners and charterers. Bunker survey and bunkers audit are also part of professional surveys.

Hull & Machinery inspection, including CAP rating program for tankers

We expertise provides services to all types of commercial vessels (Both inland and seagoing) as high level of technical team. We also provide services related to all types of damage investigations and repair supervisions of Hull and Machinery which includes all Main and Auxiliary machineries and equipments, in engine room, pump room, deck/under cargo tanks and on navigational bridge. Our professional’s expertise also review repair invoices and provide comprehensive guidance/advice on repair costs.

Underwater Ship Inspections

The underwater survey is a scheduled or unscheduled inspection, but necessary due to the certain circumstances, expertise of risks. The underwater survey of the ship's hull state is a procedure which is required for each ship irrespectively of her type and cargo-carrying capacity. The underwater survey is necessary for estimation of the general and detailed technical state of the ship's hull underwater part before docking, purchase or sale of the ship as well as a compulsory part of a package of measures approved by the Classification societies.
1- Complete hull surveys, including still and video color photography documentation.
2- Complete running gear inspection, including struts, fairwaters, rope guards, propellers.
3- Underwater inspections on rudders and bearings.
4- NDT inspections of hull shell plating and other underwater appendages.
5- Special inspections at request of ship owners/ representative, surveyors and insurers.
6- Pre-purchase, pre/post charter surveys.
7- Pre and Post dry dock inspections.
8- Damage assessment inspections.
9- Hull coating inspections.
10- Bottom survey at berths or anchorages to locate and remove obstructions hazardous to vessels.
11- Stern seal inspections. All without an exception of ships are exposed to influence of the water sea element and their structural components are worn out and need constant preventive and scheduled repair.
12- In water survey of ships afloat
So that the ship was in a state of constant service readiness, it is necessary to inspect her at certain periods including the underwater survey and timely repair works.

Steel and Pipe Pre-loading /discharging and out turn services

We have excellent experience in steel products pre-shipment inspections, discharge survey and expert intervention connected with all technical aspects relating to the carriage of steel products by sea. Post shipment damage claims joint surveys are conducted on behalf of the shipping lines, shippers and consignee to verify the damage to the steel cargoes

Cargo gear inspection

We are providing our good services of cargo gears via our engineering stuff specialist with mechanical parts and the hydraulic system of cargo

Towing Survey (Tugs & Barges)

Survey for off shore supply Tugs and Barges, we can carry out regularly, including the inspection of towing arrangements and verification certificates of associated equipment.

Hot & Cold Work Permit

We provide hot / cold permit for the vessels.

Confined Space Entry Permit

Compass Adjusting

We employing modern technologies to adjust magnetic compasses to ensure they work properly and comply with relevant marine regulations, such as GPS compass to determine the vessel's heading, adjustments can be conducted night or day, rain or shine. This permits the compass adjustment to be scheduled with confidence and without interfering with the vessel's principal marine activity.

Owners’ Protective Agency

A scalable service we offer to owners & operators ranging from provision of a simple independent report, to full involvement in expediting a port call, including the following:
• Checking proforma D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs
• Receipt of owners’ funds and payment to head agents
• Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required
• Checking cargo documents/SOF/ time sheets for correctness, notifying owner if not, and issuing letters of protest
• Signing Bills of Lading

Cargo Tally

We offer excellent service to provide assurance that the number or quantity of goods to be shipped or received is the same as described in shipping documents such as bill of lading, Mates receipt, letter of credit or other documents. Buyers and / or sellers are offered the opportunity to order a tally or count of the goods or material at the time of loading/unloading to obtain confidence that the quantity of goods loaded/unloaded are the same as the number purchased, i.e., described on the purchase order’s product description, product specification and features.

Shipping Agency

Our services in this field is provides - Launch Service to vessels Offshore and Fresh Water Supply by Barge. Crew changes, Delivery of Ship Spares and CTM, will be effected on time. Co-ordination of Supplies Delivery, De-slopping, Bunkering, Fresh Water Supply, boarding and/or disembarking of Surveyors and Technicians, is done with accuracy and utmost care.

General cargo inspection

Our objective is to mitigate the loss in practical and efficient manner. By surveying we determine the cause and extent of damage to the general cargoes, project cargoes, machinery, steel cargoes including reefer cargoes and heavy lift cargoes.